Weather Forecasting...

Isn't it Wonderful?

Er, NO! But just how bad is it? Well, this analysis shows you.

Below you will see a control panel where you can select a date and a weather parameter to compare for that day, as predicted for thirteen days previously. You can only select dates for which we have weather data.

The predictions are for the Somerset postcode TA10 between 04-10-2020 and 21-06-2024. Of course, this is just one local area, but the principle still applies: the analysis shows you a comparison of the predictions for the selected day over the previous twelve days.

If the forecasting is perfect, all values in a data column will be identical for each parameter, and all the lines on a line graph will overlay one another, or the bars in the bar chart will be the same height for any hour. As you will see, this is not the case...

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